It is a break from the cold, a break out of hibernation and a break away from dull dates with guys that are beginning to sound like job interviews.

There’s nothing quite as good as sun and sand to revitalize my single self and remind me how great it is to prance around during Spring Break. Spring Break; a single girl’s Christmas, minus the flannel pajamas and the mistletoe. Because around March Break the only greenery I want to see is in my mojito glass.

I usually spend the two weeks prior, living on cantaloupe and water, sweating it out in hot yoga and tearing ligaments in aerobics… but dammit…it is worth it. Slip into that bikini, park your tush on the sand, and chat with tons of like minded winter-haters about nothing important for 7 days of unadulterated bliss. Ahh.

All-inclusive might be my favourite words, right after “It’s free!” and “You won!”. All inclusive is like free but only because when you are on that 10th Cuba Libre you forgot that you actually paid for it when you booked.

The nice thing is that you can go away on that much needed vacation and not have to live off half priced jujubes to afford your rent for months to follow. If you are willing to look around there are so many competitive deals, so be open minded and invest a little time before handing over your Visa to a travel agent.

Check out hot travel sites like:,,,,, and, and you’ll find affordable options to all the best destinations. It is as if the site founders knew how bad I had to get away and understood that half my wages already go to shoes that I really “need”.

For less than $1500, you can fly in, tumble off the plane (obviously a little tipsy from the on flight bottle of wine you treated yourself to), board the bus that always seems to take too long to get to your hotel, and check in. Who cares what your room looks like, you won’t be back ‘til sundown.

Well, clich? as it is, the majority of us have at least been in some form of a vacation fling/romance at one point or another in our lives. If you are very lucky you will meet someone who lives within an hour radius of your home, so this fling can continue on your ground; rare, but not .

If your fling is an international heartthrob, then say “oh and let it go”, or download Skype, msn chat and up your minutes on your Rogers plan because this sort of love ain’t cheap. Don’t be fooled, when on vacation and under the most ideal settings, feelings can seem heightened and everything will feel a bit more romantic than wing night at the pub.

If you keep in touch and meet up again, it will be on his turf, your hometown or an agreed upon vacation, which is an especially good option because it avoids real life and you will still be in vacation mode. This reveals the underlying problem of meeting someone and trying to keep up a long distance relationship. When do you know it’s real? And when is it just a prolonged infatuation that is really just “fun for awhile”?

You may keep in touch, meet up once a month, chat everyday…but they won’t be there when you need to change that light bulb you can’t reach, accompany you to dinner with your “couple” friends and bring you soup when you feel sick. And really, isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what a relationship offers? To be with someone under any setting, without the disguise of make up and a root touch up, to sit next to them at the end of a really long day and not say a word during “Modern Family”?

I guess it depends what you want. From my experience, try your darndest to make long distance work if you like, but at the end of the day it won’t be that different from singlehood, except that you are frozen in time and not exploring the available options and potential love interests in your real backyard.

Good luck and Godspeed. At least you’ll come home with a tan.

First thing? Change into that new bikini you bought and go tan. If you are anything like me, you’re probably paler than the cast of Twilight. Note to self: Use a good self tanner… never a good look to glow like a fluorescent light.