A 20something single out lookin’ for fun, reveals hotspots and ‘red-hot’ spots to be found just behind some cool club doors, all over our not so sleepy City. Words by Lauren Shirreffs

In any city, it is always a challenge to find your kindred spirit when you don’t know where to go and what to do. You don’t have to be new to a city in order to be plagued with such questions, I grew up in Mississauga and still it was a feat to discover the hotspots for social singles.

However you find your dates, whether through a friend, online dating or through work colleagues, there is still something to be said about a gossiping night out with your best girlfriends, enjoying your favourite martini and a socializing atmosphere like a bar or restaurant. You may not hope to find the man of your dreams at one of these places, but at least a good night out can be anticipated.

Mississauga has an ever growing cluster of young professionals and interesting singles, so you don’t need to venture all the way to Toronto for happening hot spots and a well-rounded girls’ night out. Mississauga can offer some fine local connections if you seek out the right venues.

For your interest, I have done that. It was a tough assignment scouring the dance floors and hitting up last calls to report on your best local sources for single adventures. From bustling restaurant bars along Lakeshore in Port Credit, to surprising events at Square One, I checked them all to give you my top picks.

First up is the On the Curve Hot Stove and Wine Bar. Nestled in the Burnhamthorpe/Hurontario area, hidden in the influx of Square One activity, there’s On the Curve, a hot little number where you can start up with appetizers and end up salsa-ing away into your next fairytale romance. The live music and DJ’s set the backdrop tunes for your romantic endeavours as the singles trickle in sometime around 10pm and onward. Every Wednesday, On the Curve offers Salsa Night, equipped with lessons and (with the right crew of girls) tons of laughs to kick start your night. And Friday night is Ladies night with $5 martinis!!

A popular spot in Port Credit is Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar. Seeing a reoccurring theme here, Wine Bars allude to “Hot Spot”, and my guess is we Mississaugans like our wine on the weekends. Trendy and affordable, Ten has live music, a crowded dance floor and full serviced bar… recipe for a good time? I think so. Although, Ten can sometimes have a married man disguised as a single (ring-at-home), and everybody’s favourite cougar, but typically Ten offers a preferred alternative to making the long haul into Toronto over a busy highway for good times. Open till 2am on weekends, put on your stilettos and check out “Flirt Fridays” with your best girlfriend. And if you like Jazz, Tuesday night is dedicated to it, so Ten can then transform to a great first date spot.

Now I would be silly to not mention West 50 Pourhouse & Grill in the Sussex Centre. When approaching this article, everyone recommended West 50. It was my must-see for a singles night out in the ‘Ssauga. Tuesdays are “beer tasting night” and with over 100 beers on tap, West 50 makes up the largest beer selection in Canada. On the weekend the space is turned into a nightclub overflowing with good-looking twenty-something singles. This beer/bistro was my favourite find, with Top 40 and Rock/Alternative paired with a beer, you are likely to find a mans-man, leave the high maintenance at the door.

Another trend you may notice here is that all of the above restaurant/bar hot spots are owned by a team of Hospitality Inspired People (otherwise known as HIP Restaurants) founded in 1999 by Brian Meikle, who hopes to continue to bring the cool and trendy to the city and singles of Mississauga.

Daring to be different? Well, we all are, but some of us are braver than others. If single nights are bogging you down and you need something different, peel away from your computer screen and get out to one of Mississauga’s speed dating events. Hosted at various locations such as Canyon Creek, there are monthly opportunities to have an evening of up to 25 super short dates and a wildly exaggerated social event.

Lastly, there is always the X Club, if you can get in that is.

An edgy alternative to a club, X Club is an open minded, uninhibited night out for the curious dater. Open to couples, women and pre-approved males over 25 years old, Oozing with sexual energy, leave your uptight friends at the door and venture into this atmosphere with someone brave. Complimentary champagne and strawberries welcome you, as do the friendly staff that are more than willing to introduce you to other couples.

This should keep you busy for the next few weeks’ singles. Go forward, onward and upward and make sure to write me with your suggestions for new hot spots that prove helpful to fun loving singles in the city. Reach Lauren by email at [email protected]