How does community involvement relate to your menswear shopping? In a very impactful way! There are choices involved in your purchasing experience.

One route is to tap into the vast pipeline of product imported from Asia and India that has recently flooded our marketplace at ridiculously low prices, and is presented to customers in a warehouse outlet setting by employees who are typically uninterested and don’t have any credible knowledge about the product they’re selling. Nobody really wins here except for the invisible manufacturer and importer.

Consider the alternative: Find a store in your community that caters to local clientele with a thoughtful presentation of product; a staff that is engaging and knowledgeable; and product that is of better quality and perhaps, made in Canada. Their merchandise is almost guaranteed for reasonable wear from the moment you buy it because the store is fully invested in your return business, and wants to build a relationship with you and cater to your clothing needs. The staff actually enjoys working with you and are excited to see you. This is typically a career vocation for these employees and owners. Their priority is to be the best they can be and they need to know their stuff to reach their goals, and they know they need to be on trend and value-oriented. They know you have other choices!

Now step back and look at this picture from a bigger viewpoint. Purchasing clothing from a community store is really reinvesting in the community and country you live in. The staff probably live somewhere nearby, pay local taxes, they volunteer for local charity events, their business is a safe and stable entity on the street, and if the clothing they sell is made in Canada they have a large stake in the Canadian workforce.

You do have choices every time you purchase your clothing. With a little thought and planning it’s easy to make the right one!

Ladner’s Clothiers
220 Queen Street South