Words by Tara Pepper

Fall is one of my favourite times of the year. Though the weather is cooling and tomato season is ending, it’s the fruit that’s now available is second to none. The apples are amazing, and then the cranberries, pears and plums… oh my! I love them all.

My all-time favourites, thought, are perfectly ripe peaches, sweet and silky on the tongue, or Honeycrisp apples picked right off the tree, juicy with a tart sweetness you just don’t get in other apples.

What to do with all this delicious fruit? Once you’ve tired of eating it fresh and raw, cook it! There are so many great recipes for the fall bounty and one of my favourites is a very old recipe for a fruit crisp; I add my own twists to it depending on my mood.

Fruit Crisp


’Til next time,