Compiled/Words by Sarah McDonald 


Instead of going to the bar with friends, learn a new skill. Look up some of your favourite drinks, get all the mixins’, invite some friends over and become the bartender for your guests.


Build a fort! Gather every pillow, cushion, couch and sheet you can find and see how big you can build your own private hideaway.


Throw some logs in the fireplace and make s’mores with your favourite add-ins. Just make sure you have a way to burn off the sugar high when you’re done stuffing your face.


Do a wardrobe review and donate! It will free up space for new clothes and make you feel like you’re doing something good by donating those clothes you no longer need.


Sit back and relax while you listen to your old CDs. I’m sure those of us born before 2000 have tons of them. Can you remember the last time you listened to a whole album?

Photo credits 
Bartending photo courtesy of Prayitno Photography 
Pillow fort photo courtesy of Libby Rosof
S’mores photo courtesy of Personal Creations
Wardrobe photo courtesy of Lara604
CDs photo courtesy of Tingy

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