Words by Don McVie 

I’m a really lucky guy.

Not only am I graced with the world’s best soulmate for my wife, but I have an excellent mother-in-law, Vivian, in the package. Vivian loves to dine out and fortunately it’s a pretty easy indulgence because we tend to love the same cuisine and spur-of-the-moment outings. If we aren’t at the pub, our favourite fine dining spot is Tu Casa Fine Dining on Lorne Park Road.

We always like the patio when the weather is grand, but last night’s cool called for a table by the window. The place was busy but the service is always attentive.  Friendly service, a Prosecco to start and a mid-munch lemon sorbet, are the special touches we love about the place.

I always find there are many choices and we typically order everything to share. I chose from the Taste of Clarkson menu with the organic salad and egglant parmigiana topped off with cr?me br?l?e for dessert. My wife Kat had her beloved crab cake andCaesar salad, while Viv got special treatment with a lobster tail and homemade frites. The house pinot grigio offered good value and our cappuccinos finished things up perfectly.

Good value and great service, it’s a fine restaurant that feels at home in one of the city’s nicest neighbourhoods. Sharing dinner with loved ones makes for ideal time to catch up and stay connected.


Tu Casa Fine Dining 
1107 Lorne Park Rd.