Words by Jay Kana
I’ve been staring at this off-white screen for about half an hour trying to come up with a topic.

Usually I’ll choose a topic, think about it for a day or few, research it and then spit it out. This time, I thought I’d go against the grain.

Look how that worked out.

Perhaps this post will be about planning versus spontaneity, but that’s pretty much a done-to-death topic: planners need to inject spontaneity into their lives, spontaneous people can benefit from a bit of planning, etc.

Perhaps this post will be about done-to-death topics, like does the toilet paper roll over or under (answer: over), how to be a better man/woman (answer: just be yourself, it’s all you’ve got, maximize it), 5.2592 signs she’s into you (answer: if she has half a brain, she’ll tell you (same goes for guys); if there’s any crappy “keep ’em guessing” crap, keep looking elsewhere), and how to ask for a raise (answer: prove your worth daily, keep records of how your actions have benefited the company, etc.).

But enough about that.

This post could be about why everyone’s sick of winter. Well, it’s cold, damn cold, it’s been cold for weeks and there’s only so much cold someone can take. If anyone complains about the heat this summer…

shake hadda boy

This post could be about 50 colors of grey. Seems… shady to me.

This could be about Coke vs. Pepsi, where Pepsi wins 60 percent of the time, all the time. [Pfft. Coke rules. —Ed.]

Or maybe this post could be like that Seinfeld show: about nothing. It seemed to do OK, right?

I wonder if this post will ever make it to the Internet.

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