Mississauga is an incredible Canadian city located on the south-east border of Ontario. We know it’s a great, lively and vibrant city filled with incredible things to see, including art and cultural spaces, sporting venues, and nightlife, but now there’s something else that you can do here that might surprise you: gambling.

Mississauga has its fair share of gambling, from slot machines in places such as the Captain’s Snooker Club, to people playing online casino games at home on sites such as www.gamingclub.com/au/casino-games. There are also large bingo clubs in the city, where you can enjoy an incredible night with your friends playing a great game of bingo and winning money.

If you’re in the mood for some more active gambling in a casino, check out the Rama Gaming Mississauga, which also houses a hotel. Here, they are hundreds of different slot machines all packed into a place with a fantastic environment and atmosphere. You’ll be surrounded by people who are into sports betting, playing bingo and just having a good time at the bar.

Another thing to see is the Canadian Hockey League, with the Mississauga Steelheads as the team of choice, of course. After checking out a game, you might look for a place to relax and finish your night, and one of the best places for this is JJQ’s Billiards and Lounge. Here you can play your favourite games, including billiards, slot machines and other gambling games.

(Photo by Antoine Taveneaux)