The first-of-its-kind facility has just opened its doors in Mississauga.

Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) has established the SDM Patient Contact Centre that will provide 140 new, highly-skilled jobs including 50 pharmacists and 75 pharmacy technicians. The goal of this state-of-the-art facility is to help tackle a serious problem of medical non-adherence—an issue that results in an annual cost of $7-9 billion to Canada’s health care system.

The Patient Contact Centre will be an inbound and outbound patient contact centre, with the capability to generate 100,000 outbound calls per week.

The facility will provide support for local pharmacies:

  • Each call shows the phone number of the patient’s local pharmacy on their call display;
  • Prescriptions are refilled at the local pharmacy;
  • The Centre can also contact a patient’s physician to authorize refills and prescription adaptations; and
  • Allows local pharmacies to focus on in-person services like providing flu shots and, in many provinces, assess minor ailments.

The Patient Contact Centre will focus primarily on newly diagnosed patients with chronic diseases who are the most likely to have difficulties with their medications and patients who have not refilled their prescriptions and are therefore not taking their medications.

The Patient Care Centre is located at 1685 Tech Avenue Unit 4.