Brown founded ROI Corporation when he saw an opportunity to provide appraisals for dental practitioners and has built a staff of former and practicing doctors, educators, brokers and appraisers with a deep wealth of knowledge to provide these important services. They are trained and licensed to provide the best services possible to professional practices.

Since its creation, ROI Corporation has become a family business. Brown’s daughter, Lanee Brown joined the business in the ’80s and his son, Timothy Brown, also began working with the company in the ’90s. When Roy Brown stepped down from the company in 1994, Timothy was appointed as vice president and now serves as ROI Corporation’s president and CEO. Two of Roy’s grandchildren were also hired at ROI Corporation in the past decade.

“It’s remarkable to see how far my father’s vision has developed and where it has taken ROI Corporation,” says Timothy. “All of our successes and achievements are because he took a chance, quit his job and started this company 40 years ago.”

ROI Corporation has performed over 7,500 appraisals since its inception and now serves dental, optometry, and veterinary practices. ROI Corporation has also expanded to a national scale and has associates across Canada. Though ROI Corporation has grown, its headquarters remain in Mississauga, located down the road from its original location.